Term 3 bilingual resources

Our Term 3 bilingual resources are here! You can purchase full resource packs, or just the big books or small books. See them all on our website – including pages from each book.

Te Huarere is a beautifully illustrated story about the weather. E tipu e rea follows different children through different ages and stages of education.

In Te Huarere, we follow a week of weather in Aotearoa. It’s raining in Auckland, windy in Wellington, cloudy in Taranaki, snowing in Wanaka and frosty in Wakatipu. Turn to the last page to see where the sun is shining every day of the week.

Simple sentence structures lead us through the days of the week, different kinds of weather and some local placenames. See more here: http://arahiabooks.co.nz/books/te-huarere/

In E tipu e rea, we meet Iraia, the new baby. We then go through the ages and stages of education with Matiu at kohanga, Fatima at primary school, Vijay at intermediate school, Mei-Li at secondary school, Hone at university and Soti at work. Finally, we meet Mandy in hospital – with her new baby Iraia.

Simple sentence structures introduce the people in the story, including their ages and levels of schooling. http://arahiabooks.co.nz/books/e-tipu-e-rea/


Each resource pack includes a big bilingual book which also includes teachers’ notes, a set of 10 matching small books, a set of A4 size flashcards, and a downloadable link with digital and audio files as well as the template to make a mini-book for children to take home to whānau.

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