Teacher Feedback

Our Term 1 resources are resulting in some great feedback from teachers. Here are some of the comments we have received from primary school and preschool teachers in February and March:

Kiri: I used your My Pepeha book the other day with my class. It had literally just arrived at our school. LOVED IT!!!

Eleanor: The kit has already been extensively used throughout the school with great feedback.

Emma: They’re user friendly, attractive, reasonably priced. The audio on the USB was really helpful for teachers less confident with pronunciation.

Dana: I found the resource unique and the range of packages meant it was flexible to suit the needs of our school.

Jaime: Having smaller versions of the big books really encourages children to stay focused and maintain involvement.

Jenny: Clear layout, te reo is easy to access, teacher notes are a great support. Five year olds love the big book!

Trish: They have plenty of resources to support the teacher. Children love the illustrations and the simple language structures.

Angela: The pictures are fantastic and we really liked the audio that goes with it. We used the flash cards daily while we were learning the pepeha. Lovely to have the small books so the children can read along with me.

Val: They are practical, easy to use and – most importantly – educate me on te reo. Children love these resources and participate with enthusiasm.

Trudi: Children have enjoyed reading these as a big book. They like pointing to the words, which are in a great size format.

Maria: Students show engagement and appreciate the ease of understanding. It gives them confidence to use the structures they have learnt.


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