Ngā kākahu o Ana

available as individual books, or a full resource pack

In this bilingual story, Ana has a busy week with different physical activities and clothing each day. The story includes the words for the days of the week, clothing and physical activities.

By the end of the week, Ana has a very messy room, resulting in a lot of washing.

Each resource pack includes:

  • A big book for sharing
  • 10 small book versions of the story, for guided and independent reading
  • A set of flashcards featuring key words from the story, for vocabulary recognition
  • A mini-book template of the story and illustrations, for students to take home and read with whānau
  • Teachers’ notes for the story, including user-friendly assessment rubrics and ideas for second language learning activities
  • A digital link containing an audio file and a digital file of the story, for the big screen

Here are some pages from the book:

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