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Alice Patrick wrote the multimedia resource He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora.  She also oversaw the writing of the Māori language curriculum guidelines  and  the year 7 – 8 resource Ka Mau te Wehi.

Alice has taught in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. For the past few years, she has worked as a Māori language adviser in schools – familiarising teachers with He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora and Ka Hikitia. Her focus has been on lifting teachers’ Māori language proficiency, showing them how to adapt Māori medium readers and demonstrating how to facilitate simple second language lessons.

Her work in schools means Alice knows what teachers want and need in order to implement a quality Māori language programme that goes beyond commands, colours, numbers and songs. This hands-on role with teachers is complemented by her academic studies; she is doing a PhD on the teaching of Māori language in primary classrooms, specifically looking at Māori language resources.

She was motivated to write Arahia Books for her mokopuna – i runga i te aroha. Alice is Scottish, but her children are Māori. It’s because of them, and her mokopuna, that Alice has been a constant learner of te reo Māori for more than 40 years. Her interest in the language really took off at university, when she gravitated towards the Māori club and kapa haka. She then fell in love with a Māori man from Ngāti Awa. Through his whānau, she learned more about te reo me ōna tikanga. When they had children, Alice promised to bring them up with Māori as their first language. This meant a lot of learning including listening to speakers on the marae, studying Māori grammar books at home, going to night classes and then returning to university to study the language formally. All that started in the early 1970s, when very few people – much less Pākehā – were learning Māori.

Alice says that through the language, she’s been fortunate enough to be able to see the world through a different lens. “It’s been a privilege to learn te reo Māori, a real bonus. And I believe that non-Māori have a part to play in helping to revitalise the language, a national treasure.”

Although her original motivation for writing bilingual books was her mokopuna, she is now taking Arahia Books to a wider audience because of the immense need for user-friendly te reo resources for teachers that are also engaging for students.

You can learn more about Alice and her journey with te reo Māori in this interview which featured on RNZ.

What others say about Alice

||Alice has a wealth of fabulous suggestions and activities||

“Discovery School has had the great privilege of working with Alice Patrick – using the multimedia resource for teaching Te Reo Māori in schools, He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora. Being the writer of this resource, she knows it intimately and has a wealth of fabulous suggestions and activities that teachers can use in their classroom to make the teaching interactive and fun, while extending the more confident students.Alice would be one of the most loved facilitators the school has worked with. The fact that all staff asked if they could continue on the journey with Alice for a second year speaks of how highly they regard her.She brings fun structured new learning, and student-directed learning, into her sessions. She has a phenomenal knowledge of the language and culture. The staff love when she shares this in context, as it is relevant new learning at the right time. I cannot recommend highly enough the great work that Alice does to enhance te reo in New Zealand schools.”

Carmen Jennings (Principal, Discovery School)

||Alice is committed to raising Māori student achievement||

“I have had the pleasure of working with Alice over a number of years, both as a client and a contractor. She is the ultimate professional, works very hard and always delivers any projects on time to a very high standard. Alice is committed to raising Māori student achievement. She worked on the development of the award-winning Māori language resource ‘He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora’ as the key writer. Alice is multi-talented and provided CWA and Learning Media contracted services in the areas of research; Māori hui facilitation; writing tender proposals; writing Web content; proofreading and editing. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Alice again.”

Kath Norton (former manager at Learning Media and CWA New Media)

||Alice’s enthusiasm for te reo Māori is limitless||

“The staff and I were privileged to receive extensive professional development from Alice in 2012, as she led us through the resource ‘He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora’. The constructive support and advice from Alice enabled the teachers to deliver the units in this resource with increasing confidence during the year. Alice’s enthusiasm for the teaching and learning of te reo Māori is limitless, and her knowledge of the subject is superlative. The combination of enthusiasm and knowledge during our instruction meant that we were able to establish a well-rounded delivery of this curriculum area. We all feel blessed to have had Alice working with us and would recommend her professional assistance unreservedly.”

Jane Reddish (Principal, Saint Pius X School, Titahi Bay)

||Alice's professional knowledge is extensive||

“Alice’s professional knowledge is extensive because of the various roles she has held within education – teacher, lecturer (Victoria University), Senior Adviser Te Reo Māori (Ministry of Education), to name a few. Alice has always upheld, through her work and her personal conviction, a commitment to a bi-cultural, bilingual New Zealand. To that end, she has worked tirelessly to advocate for te reo Māori in New Zealand schools. Alice is hard-working, always extending herself to ensure a job is done to the highest standard.”

Rewa Paewai (Coordinator, Reo Māori Advisers in Schools, Auckland University)

||I would recommend Alice as an asset to any school||

“Alice was instrumental in leading the development of the draft for the first-ever curriculum for te reo Māori, Te Aho Arataki Marau, used by teachers in English-medium schools. Alice also played a crucial part in the evolution of multi-media resources to support this curriculum eg Ka Mau te Wehi and He Reo Tupu He Reo Ora. I would recommend Alice, and the work she does, as an asset to any school or organisation that is considering professional learning and development around Māori language in education. Ka mau tana wehi!”

Mere Snowden (Former Reo Māori Adviser in Schools, Auckland University)

||Alice’s passion for te reo Māori is truly inspirational||

“I have worked on and off with Alice Patrick for four years. I found her passion for, and skill in, te reo Māori to be truly inspirational. During the time I have known Alice, my own knowledge and confidence as a classroom teacher and Pākehā learner of reo Māori has increased immeasurably. I am extremely grateful for the assistance and encouragement she has provided both to me personally and to the school in which I worked.”

Matt Barnacott (Ex-teacher at Northland School)

||Alice has a sound understanding of Te Aho Arataki Marau||

“I have worked with Alice on various Māori language education projects over many years, particularly around professional development and teaching resources for Te Reo Māori. She has a sound understanding of Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te ako i Te Reo Māori (the curriculum guidelines for teaching Māori language in English medium settings) which, together with her knowledge of second language teaching pedagogy, and her own personal experience as a second language learner of te reo Māori, has meant that Alice understands the needs of both teachers, learners and the sector.”

Hineihaea Murphy (Director, Haemata Limited)

“Alice has been able to target each teacher’s individual needs”

“Alice Patrick worked with a number of teachers, including myself, at Natone Park School, throughout 2013. She provided an excellent service with fun-filled, but highly educational, sessions around learning/teaching te reo Māori in the mainstream area of school. Alice has been able to create lessons that are highly beneficial to our children. We have enjoyed teaching lessons based on what Alice has taught us – from the multimedia resource He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora. With this resource she has been able to target each teacher’s, and classroom’s, individual needs, so that our students succeed and enjoy learning Māori. We look forward to working with Alice … to use her fantastic ideas in the resource ‘He Reo Tupu, He Reo Ora’ – and the skills that she provides.

Amanda Ferguson (Ex-teacher at Natone Park School, Cannons Creek)

“Alice’s approach scaffolds learners to grow their confidence and knowledge”

“Alice’s skilful approach to teaching te reo Māori provides support and scaffolds learners to grow their confidence and knowledge – for themselves and for the students they teach. Alice’s substantial knowledge of current Māori language teaching resources ensures schools are able to develop effective and exciting te reo programmes for all students. Alice has the ability to show teachers, in a positive and supportive manner, how key Māori language resources, currently in schools, can be successfully implemented in mainstream classrooms so that any can have the confidence to pick it up and give it a go.”

Neil Worboys, Allison Burdon, and Serena Lewis (Ex-principal, principal and lead teacher Māori at Wainuiomata Primary)
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